’tis the season for cutting

In our last update we told you about our thinning work at Pont-ar-Daf.  This work has now been scaled up after Phytophthora Ramorum was discovered to be affecting a tree on the roadside.  This disease primarily attacks Larch trees (the only deciduous conifer).  As a result, the Forestry Commission has given us notice to fell all our Larch trees along the road edge.  A block of Sitka Spruce will also have to be felled to avoid wind damage affecting the A470 or Storey Arms centre.
More information on the disease can be found at:
In the mean time, keep an eye out for harvesting works and follow the advice on signs in the Pont-ar-Daf car park to clean boots to help avoid spreading the disease to other woodlands.

We’ve spent a bit of time in the woods with the little old tractor and saw-bench.  Cutting a little firewood to restock our basecamp, but mostly cutting hedging stakes.  The stakes are used to pin and tie hedges as they are layed.  Most hedges are layed over winter so as to have the least effect on wildlife.

We have also found time to join Penmaes School as part of their Industry Experience day.  We spent the day with pupils building a gate that will eventually be installed along the Tarell Valley walk. Here’s the walk if you fancy it.
From it you can see a lot of the work we have done in the valley recently as part of our Better Woodlands for Wales scheme.  The Penmaes School gate along with another built by our Full-time Volunteers will be the last parts along with some fencing to complete the scheme next year.

Finally, getting into the festive spirit, we provided a Christmas Tree for the National Trust pavilion at The Royal Welsh Winter Fair, which has now made it’s way to Penmaes School as a thank-you for the gate making.  Hopefully we’ll get some pictures back of it decorated to put up here or on our facebook page.

For now, we wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year.
The woodland team.