Calm before the storm

We now say goodbye and thank-you very much to Alex.  Alex has been with us as a full-time volunteer in the woods, giving us a hand and gaining experience for a career in forestry.  He has now returned to university to complete the final year of his degree.  More from Alex here –

We will shortly be recruiting a new woodland volunteer, so keep your eyes open if this is your sort of thing.

September was mostly a month of holidays and odd little jobs as members of the woodlands team took (well deserved) holidays.  One of those odd jobs has been to build tree guards around oak trees that we have planted on the Coach Road that runs along the Tarell Valley.  Although the Coach Road isn’t grazed, the trees have somewhat suffered the browsing of stock that are on the move between fields.  The guards will help protect the trees from opportunist grazers until they are big enough to be un-tasty and the guards can be removed.

Elsewhere we have been reducing vegetation.  A much needed visit to the Skirrid to cut the grass growing up through the rides has opened up access again to the circular walk around the site.

This year our annual staff and volunteers outing headed to the Brockhampton estate – or the new beta site –
A nice stroll took us through the parkland and woodland, before getting a chance to look in at Lower Brockhampton.  Fantastic timber structures make up this house surrounded by a damson orchard and an exhibit of an early chainsaw – think we’ll stick with our modern ones.

The start of October has seen us assist with filming on the Sugar Loaf which you may have seen more of on our Facebook page –

On with the real work though and we are back into felling.  We are now working at Pont-ar-Daf, currently on a thinning project but there are greater plans ahead…