A Very Merry Crafty Christmas

So Christmas has arrived once again, and to celebrate we have been making festive decorations for our gardens and Christmas trees at Coelbren Welfare Hall.20151222_124302_resized

The kids have enjoyed getting stuck into making some robin boxes to put up in their gardens, along with some bird feeder wreaths and of course some Christmas decorations for the tree, made from natural materials found just on our doorstop. Why not try making your own bird feeder wreath at home? All you need is some willow, pine cones, bird feed and holly or other greenery. All free materials (except for the feed) and good for the birds too!

The lead up to Christmas has certainly been busy this year, and one of the main projects I have been undertaking is laying the last half of the hedge at Lanlay meadows. The timing for hedge laying is during the winter when the sap isn’t running freely, there are no nesting birds and wildlife in general is at its least active.WP_20151110_15_31_27_Pro (2)

By laying the hedge, it is actually extending its life and producing a denser, healthier hedge that is stock proof and great for wildlife. It is important to keep hedges in good condition, not only to keep them stock proof but because they are great wildlife corridors that join up fragmented habitats and provide food and shelter to a variety of different species.

So if you are thinking of getting rid of your hedge and substituting it for a fence in your garden maybe think twice and do your part for conservation. You can benefit too by watching all the wonderful wildlife from your very own living room!WP_20151110_15_18_53_Pro1 (2)

Thank you to all who helped out with the second half of the hedge this year, a lot of different people gave up their spare time and it is greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas everyone!



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