The next challenge in the garden

This is what we are starting with...

This is what we are starting with…

This is the next challenge to tackle in the walled garden on the Clytha Estate. These old cold frames have seen better days as you can see!! The mental health charity, Growing Space, uses the gardens as part of its horticulture course and are very keen to be involved in the restoration project.

...helped by a donation...

…helped by a donation…

As luck would have it we were contacted recently by a lady who was taking down an old green house and was looking to donate the glass to a good cause, having heard of our earlier greenhouse restoration in the gardens. I went down to Bath last week to pick the glass up, there’s a mish mash of shapes and sizes, but we can make the frames to fit the glass.

...some steady driving...

…some steady driving…

We can use locally felled and milled National Trust timber for the frames, my carpentry volunteer Allan will profile it. I’m hoping that Growing Spaces will help clear out the growth and re-build the walls. This is what it should look like when it’s finished.

...for something like this.

…for something like this.

Simon Rose – Area Ranger


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