F, F, F, F, F…

Nothing obscene, just lots of things beginning with F for this update.


As you will have gathered in the last update from the woods, summer is fencing time.  Our fencing plans have extended to Pont-ar-Daf and Storey Arms.  Not an act of keeping people out the woods, but more to keep out the number of sheep that seem to be roaming along the main road and being drawn towards all the trees we planted last winter.  The sweet buds of the young trees seem irresistible to the sheep, so out they must go if the trees are to get a chance to grow.

Getting stuck in with the fencing is our new full time volunteer in the woods.  Kate joined us at the start of September as an apprentice and is studying with Herefordshire College of Technology once a week whilst getting on the ground experience with us.

The start of school terms has also seen us deliver a couple of new forest school log circles to schools in the Forest Education Initiative cluster groups that we work in.

Fire.  Yes, more fire.  As we write this, we are about to go burning with another working holiday.  This time making way for the fence line that will be keeping the sheep out of Pont-ar-Daf.

With all this out the way we will push on with our felling over the winter.  This winter we plan to finish our access track through Pont-ar-Daf.

Finally, go foraging, food for free.  There is loads of fruit out there this year, probably the rewards of a warm and wet summer.  The established forest tracks are prime for blackberry picking (#21 of your 50 things).  The hedgerows are good for sloes too.  It also looks like a good seed year for the trees, so we will be out and about collecting acorns and ash keys.

Feasting on blackberries,
The woods team.


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