Work and play



At the end of June we were joined by a working holiday group on their final day.  The line between work and play was quite fine though, they could’ve just as easily been completing some of the 50 things activities.
We started out with burning up the branches and felling waste from cutting our new access track into Pont-ar-Daf with the obligatory large fire.  This will make the work of cutting in the track a lot easier without a thick mat of branches over the top and it will also make planting the edges easier.
The day finished when order descended into the chaos of a mud fight.



On to more serious matters.  We have been clearing a lot of the windblow at Pont-ar-Daf that has resulted from last years felling of the infected larch along the front edge.  This also gave us the opportunity to host an industry training day on windblow, led by Focus on Forestry First, a Welsh Assembly funded initiative. 

Forestry training at Pont-ar-Daf

Forestry training at Pont-ar-Daf

Making the most of the good weather, we are mostly out and about fencing now, hopefully the weather will hold long enough for us to replace the fence around Cwm Sere, a rich mix of wet woodland and pasture, the fence now barely stands so we need to replace it before grazing resumes.

When we get the cooler days, we’ll be heading into the woods to source the material that the building department need to undertake some restoration works on the Clytha estate.  They are re-roofing some of the farm and garden buildings.

So plenty to keep us busy, with a little bit of fun thrown in,
The woods team.


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