Head to the hills

With the snow gone and the sun out we’ve been getting on with our hill path maintenance and improvement, assisted by volunteers.
London & Middlesex NTV group started building stone side ditches leading up the Pont-ar-Daf and we will carry on doing more further up the route with the aim to stop the path and the steep banks from collapsing.
Then at the end of May our first working holiday for the hills. 10 volunteers braved the cold strong winds and for 5 days they built a stone pitched path 30 metres up towards Pen-y-Fan from Cwm Gwdi side.

vols  may 003

Typically, I took a week off to seek the sun abroad and it turned up here and when I got back it did not stop raining for 5 days.

We have re-ditched and seeded the path sides going up to Corn Du and Pen-y-Fan, as last year we did not see much sun therefore the grass did not grow, all we want now is a good summer and get this grass growing.

reditching and seeding  route up Pen y fan

Most recently, we have taken a 5 ton digger to Cwr Mawr and started sorting 80 tons of stone ready to be lifted in July to Cefn Cwm Llwch, the Pont-ar-Daf and a few up to Corn Du.

There have been several guided walks around the properties and they have been well supported and there are more to come, so keep an eye out on here and  facebook for when and where.
The Meet and Greet Wardens are busy out in the Pont-ar-Daf car park, they have gained 1 new member and the Lengths Group has grown by an extra 3 people; 2 on Cefn Cwm Llwch and 1 more on the Pont-ar-Daf to Pen-y-Fan route.

Last minute news: Rob has just been joined by Rob, our newest full-time volunteer.

See you out there,
The Access Team


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