Outdoors and indoors, a divided team.

May has been quite a varied month with one half of the woods team office-bound, we’ve not quite been running at full pace, but have ticked off a few of those office jobs that have been put off in favour of getting outdoors.

So, out in the woods Stuart has been dragging in and stacking the timber covered in our previous blogs.  Soft woods from Pont-ar-Daf as part of our woodland plan is making its way into sawmills and hardwood thinnings from the river that are destined to become firewood.  All this helps fund our conservation work in the woodlands.  Removing trees to create space and light, allowing space for new trees and lower flora levels to come through, creating a mixed age structure and levels in the woodlands that benefit a wider range of wildlife and at the same time, not wasting the products of the woodland.  Hopefully this goes some way to a sustainable circle.

Pont-ar-Daf, pick-up sticks

Great big mess of sticks waiting to be pulled in, stacked and sold before we can re-plant.

Not allowed out, Tim has been bashing away at the computer, fixing bits, and out meeting schools and suppliers.  Not the usual things we write about here, but the bits that keep us moving.  Hopefully you will be starting to see a wave of updates and new sections to our websites, social media and notice boards. Planning towards the Welsh 50 things campaign and Hay Festival.
Working with members of the local Forest Education Initiative, we will be helping to provide log circles for forest school sessions in their grounds and have welcomed students from Coleg Powys to help us renovate our volunteer accommodation with the replacement of the decking.
Some of the equipment essential to our every day work has finally had some down time too for essential repairs and spares have been gathered up to keep us going through the summer.

Dan-y-Gyrn deck by Coleg Powys

Getting the new decking structure in with Coleg Powys.

June should see Tim declared fit again and allowed out the office, not soon enough for the woods team, all this good weather they’ve missed out on, best get busy, there’s felling fencing and firewood to be completed.

Glad to be in the woods,
The woods team.


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