Warden, not weather forecaster

Snow, ice and freezing winds, best describes end of winter leading into spring and here I was saying in my February blog, pity the snow has gone as it saves wear and tear on the paths. Got that wrong, looking at the photo of walkers avoiding the snow and wearing away the sides of the path means more repairs to do. The snow arrived just in time for the Easter break and we had over 10,000 walkers, up on the Pont-ar-Daf footpath.

Walkers avoiding the snow and wearing away the sides on the Pont ar daf a

Walkers avoiding the snow and wearing away the sides on the Pont-ar-Daf path.

Since the last blog we did mange to get just over a weeks work on the Pont-ar-Daf path drainage, and I was rather hoping for weather like last years March with its clear skies, sunny days and warm temperatures.

bath uni digging ditches

Bath Uni’ volunteers maintaing ditches on the Skirrid path.

We were able to get down to the Skirrid for a few days and dig some drainage ditches with the help from Bath university pro experience students, and we managed to get some boardwalk put down in the boggy ground above the wall.  We’ve also been back again to continue some of our surfacing works.

Out of the mud, boardwalk building.

We have a new Seasonal Access Ranger that joined us at the beginning of April, her name is Philippa and she will be looking after the Central Brecon Beacons footpath network.  Say hello if you Philippa on the hill, digging ditches and laying stones.
At the same time, we say good bye and thank-you to full-time volunteer Laurence.  Keep an eye out for a chance to join the access team soon.

Laurence and Philippa, making sure Coed-y-Bwnydd is ready for the bluebells.

Our meet and greet wardens will be getting out more in May as the weather improves.  You’ll find them near the Pont-ar-Daf gate to the hill, with information on the best walks, the weather and some local knowledge.  They are also looking for more people to join them, so let us know if you want to share your enthusiasm for the Brecon Beacons.  E-mail robert.reith@nationaltrust.org.uk with the subject ‘Meet and Greet’.

Hoping to be on the hill in May,
The access team.


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