Work over. Now for fun & games.

Whilst the last update from the woods was a bit sparse and this one a little late, the weather has given us opportunity now.  We’ve planted trees, surfaced tracks, felled trees, stood around in the sun, delivered shelter, stared at trees and will have plenty more still to do.

So, starting from the beginning of that.  We just about beat the hint of spring to get all our trees in.  A massive thanks to our volunteers and working holiday that helped us get them all in, a grand total of 4,500 trees.  Most of these have been planted at Pont-ar-Daf to replace the larch trees that were felled as part of a disease control.  The planting mix was made up of hazel, birch, oak and rowan – the mix was to have included ash, but due to ash die-back concerns these shall have to wait.

Thank-you to all the volunteers that have helped with our tree planting.

Thank-you to all the volunteers that have helped with our tree planting.

Also up in Pont-ar-Daf has been the installation of drains and surfacing of the access track into the woods.  Initially this is giving us access to manage the woodlands, but when we finally get to the other end will also provide a way onto the hill above Storey Arms.  We’ve made good progress on the clearing of trees for the next stage of the track, but the thickest block of trees is yet to come.

Not a game of hide and seek at The Kymin, but actual work.

Not a game of hide and seek at The Kymin, but actual work.

A day was spent walking around The Kymin with Gary our mapping man, marking anything that wasn’t on a map in preparation of something that we are putting together for 50 things and local schools that requires a very detailed map.  Any guesses what?  Keep an eye out for something new appearing this summer.

Also for local schools, where they can’t get to the woods, we’ve been bringing the woods to them.  Whilst to you this may look like a trailer load of our coppicing waste (which it incidentally is, from the car park at Clytha), to the pupils of Goytre Fawr School, this is a mountain of den building material for their Forest Schools area.  Hopefully we’ll be getting back some pictures of their dens, but in the meantime, feel free to post some of your own.

Trailer load of fun.

Trailer load of fun.

Recently we were down at Dyffryn Gardens, helping out on their tree surveys.  The purpose of the tree surveys is to ensure your safety through good health and care in the trees.  Unlike a lot of our work you read about here, the aim of these surveys is to keep the trees up, especially with so many champion and veteran trees.

Hope you enyoyed your Easter break, we felt like we earned ours.  Now we’re back we will be pushing on with our track through Pont-ar-Daf and extracting the timber ready for sale to become fences, garden structures and housing as well as your electricity.

Cheers for now,
The woods team.


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