Getting you back on dry land

Pity the snow has gone, as it helps protect the surface and surrounding areas.   That is until it thaws, then we start to see some damage being caused, what with the freezing, thawing, rain and walkers it is a lethal combination that breaks up the surface and tears it apart.

Whilst forcing us off the high ground of the central Beacons, the weather has allowed us to do some work around the other properties.  We have been erecting a fence and putting in some self-closing gates at Clytha to replace stiles and we have prepared some timber structures ready to go up the Skirrid and lay down as boardwalk on the contour path.  We have also begun spreading some scalping’s on the footpath through the support of Cardiff Outdoor Group.  In March we have a digger booked to help us move the remaining stone scalpings further up the hill.

Whilst we have the digger we will also be spreading some scalping’s along the old tramway in the village of Colbren where Henryhd water falls are situated.  Hopefully this will improve the wet weather access along the tramway.

Think I'll let you make your own caption for this...

Think I’ll let you make your own caption for this…

In the mean time we are back up the hill on the Pont-ar-Daf side, reinforcing some of the stone water breaks and adding more stone built side ditches to prevent the banks from collapsing into the drains.

Could not believe it, but one day the sun came out and the sky was blue and I have a photo to prove it.  It was so sunny Laurence one of our Full Time Volunteers had to put on his shades while driving the ATV.

Pure, un-photo shopped, February, Beacons goodness.

Pure, un-photo shopped, February, Beacons goodness.

Our lengths group are slowly increasing in numbers and the footpaths are looking well maintained. Not been the best of weather for our Meet and Greet Wardens to stand around in the car park helping our visitors, so fingers crossed for more good weather weekends.

Looking forward to more sunny days,
Rob and the access team.


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