It’s not a post box, it’s a boiler

After a hint of summer, that spurred on our fencing, the reality of the approaching winter is now here.

We have been squeezing in the last of the fencing for the Tarell Valley woodland project.  This will see the majority of wooded areas in the upper area of the valley protected, in good health and linked together to allow a free movement of wildlife.

The Tarell Valley

We are continuing to work with local schools, helping them in their forest schools through the provision of sites to go truly wild in or by bringing the woodland to them.   Llanfoist School are the next to receive a log circle and a bunch of den building material.  Our 50 things are going down really well with the teachers too, some are even determined to complete the tasks themselves.  To help them, we are supporting a teacher inset day, led by Forestry Commision Wales through the provision of one of our Forest Schools venues.

The wood chip boiler, not a Mk2 TARDIS.

Our full-time volunteers are about to start getting the benefits of a new wood-chip boiler that has been installed in their accommodation.  They aren’t the only ones to be feeling the benefit of wood fuel.  Suddenly a demand for firewood has kicked in and we have been busy getting orders out.  We may have to up our production, so last month the woods team went to have a look at shiny machines at the APF forestry show which also included some of these carvings in competition.

I can see a cyclist, runner and maybe a swimmer, how about you?

Finally, for the woods team, winter = felling.  This winter we are moving our focus out of the Tarell and up the road to Pont-ar-Daf.  The beginnings of access tracks are in, so work will commence shortly.  Not the infection led clear fell of last winter this time, but a considered thinning of the trees to remove the under-performing trees and make space for the remainder to develop into mature timber trees.

Of course felling, means planting.  The area that was previously larch, down by the road-side is now due for replanting.  We have over 4000 trees to plant and may well be looking for a hand…
If you’re part of a group that may be interested in lending a hand with the planting, contact our assistant woodland warden


See you out there,
The Woods Team.


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