The sap is pumping now

In the transition from May to June we have really noticed the change of seasons as our tasks have shifted with the appearance of the sunshine, the woods coming into colour and the return of our nesting birds.

For us this means the end of felling operations and the start of fencing.  We are now over halfway through our woodland project in the Tarrell Valley and are continuing to fence some of the small woodlands and dingles.  This will release the grazing pressure they are currently under and allow new growth to come through.

With the last of our firewood deliveries done we have been able to work on filling our sheds for next winter.  Last years thinning are in the process of being split and put in the shed to finish seasoning.  Meanwhile, this years thinning has been stacked in preparation of the following winter.

The property supported the Trust stand at Hay Festival again this year.  Alex and Tim from the woodland team were there on Bank Holiday Monday making planter boxes with families from our own timber and telling the story of its sourcing.  You may have also seen the benches made by the woodland team for the Trust stand.  They were cut from Sitka Spruce left behind by the timber lorries as it was too big for sawmills to process.  Here they are in the shed, fresh from cutting and prior to their use at Hay.

Staff from local schools and youth groups joined us at our Carno forest school site for a Forest Education Initiative meeting.  The group is planning an activity to celebrate the International Year of Forests – 2011. (

Penmaes School also asked if we could help with the creation of a new log circle for forest school activities in their grounds.  Over half term the woodland team provided them with some logs to use as benches, some to bury as stools as well as bits to edge their fire-pit and stakes to hold it all in place.

That’s all from us for now, theres plenty more for us to be out there doing,
The woodland team.


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