Wild and wonderful

Well today was quite wild on the hill, 40 to 50 mile an hour winds with a bit of rain (well quite a lot actually) and sleet chucked into the mix just to make it interesting. Jess Tyler (project manager for the Abergwesyn project) and myself (Nick McAllister Warden) spent four hours doing a recce for a 10 mile walk we are doing for the Cambrian Mountain Society (http://www.cambrian-mountains.co.uk/) on June 11th on Llanwrthwl common. A very nice walk in better conditions with spectacular views from Trembyd, and Y Gamrhiw. I would love to share some of these views with you but the camera gave up after getting slightly wet, and you couldn’t see much anyway as the rain was driving so hard it stung your eyeballs.

If you would like to join us on this walk in June you can email Jess at jessica.tyler@nationaltrust.org.uk for further details. If you don’t know about Abergwesyn commons you can take a look at our new webpages.

Bye for now as I’m off to put all my clothes in the tumble dryer because I am back up to Abergwesyn Common tomorrow to put up a new gate, fingers crossed the weather will be dryer.

Nick McAllister


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